Copperware Delights











Bio cooking with copper!


  • Copper and its alloys such as bronze and other metals or alloys such as tin, stainless steel or cast iron food meet manufacturing standards more stringent. They are derived from a natural process of obtaining and ancestral metal from ore
  • The high thermal conductivity of copper will allow cooking with less energy, gas or electricity, which not only allows for savings but also to avoid wastage of energy resources

  • The copper utensils are suitable for life, unlike utensils coated with nonstick wears out and it will change regularly for health reasons and efficiency. Utensils while copper (used in sweet dishes such as bowls, cookie pans with caramel ...), those coated stainless steel or food with a layer of tin avoid food contamination by toxic particles issued utensils like Teflon or aluminum

  • Finally, copper is a metal naturally hygienic. He is recognized for its contributions of trace elements at low concentration in contact with food, nutrients essential to the development of the organism. Its functions are bacteriostatic and fungicide as a material used in hospital units, permitting effective against bacteria and germs

  • This is consistent with that spirit, we encourage you to cook biological food whenever possible. It is in our health and that of the earth ...