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MAUVIEL M'héritage

Mauviel Collection M'héritage



The collection M'héritage is a combination of two powerful and traditional materials, copper and stainless steel. This blend of materials energizes the pleasure of cooking. The copper allows for unsurpassed heat conductivity and control, and the stainless steel interior is ideal for all daily cooking needs. The various handle options, cast iron, bronze or cast stainless steel, gives each range an aesthetic difference that meets the style for each cook.


The M'héritage collection represents the total experience and heritage of Mauviel 1830, and is used by professionals and household cooks throughout the world.



MAUVIEL M'tradition

Mauviel Collection M'tradition



Manufactured following over a century of experience and "savoir-faire", The M'tradition line embodies the tradition of professionalism of the Mauviel cookware lines. The timeless product, manufactured using the very best raw material, continues to gain value over the years. Copper is the speciality of Mauviel.


The M'tradition collection is universally known all over the world.



MAUVIEL M'passion

Mauviel Collection M'passion



The collection M'passion is dedicated to gourmands that enjoy preparing their deserts as much as eating them. A complete selection of products devoted to pastry cooks and chocolate specialists. Made of copper, stainless steel, silicone or non stick steel, a complete assortment of products that are used for the preparation of all pastry delicacies.


The collection M'passion satisfies the craving of all discerning patisserie-lovers worldwide.




Mauviel Collection M'30




Mauviel created a collection of accessories around wines. This collection includes two champagne buckets among which a double, a wine bucket, an ice bucket and a tray. Every element of the collection is available in two materials, hammered polish copper and hammered polish aluminium. So they will adapt to all the internal decorations.




Mauviel Collection M'360°



A contemporary design dedicated to the culinary creativity. The new design of this collection gives a real elegance to the kitchen. To this audacious design, the new exterior with the brush finish, and the straight shapes, nearly brute, associated to a flat lid, give a professional face to this collection, adapted to everybody. The association of stainless steel with glass lids, give character and esthetism to this new line of cooking ustensils.